2024/05/23 update :
MELT-BANANA 8th Album "3 + 5" will be out on August 23rd, 2024!!!
Also, our US tour starts from May 21st.

Check out the schedule and don't miss our show! near you. ^o^

For the information about "3 + 5"

2024/05/09 update :
2024/03/28 update :

We are going to tour in the U.K. in the fall!
Starting in Ramsgate on August 29th, we play 25 shows in the U.K.
Looking forward to seeing you there! ^o^

For more information -> MxBx "3+5" UK TOUR page

2024/03/08 update :

Supersonic Festival 2024に出演するのだ!

We'll play at Supersonic Festival 2024.
It will be held from August 30th - September 01st in Birmingham, UK.

Tickets are now on sale.^o^

Ticket Link 👉 https://supersonicfestival.com/

2024/03/01 update :

Next MELT-BANANA show will be in Fussa, at CHICKEN SHACK, on March 9th!!

For more information -> MxBx Live Schedule page

2024/02/29 update :

MELT-BANANA with Mr.Bungle in Tokyo!
They had a show on Feb.28th, and it was great. Agata played the guitar in one of the songs with them.
Thanks! Mr.Bungle!!

2024/02/12 update :

MELT-BANANA is touring in the USA in May and June!
Basically, tickets go on sale this Friday, Feb 16th @ 10 AM Local Time
If you use the code "GOODLUCK", tickets are available now for early access.

-> Tickets link page

It's gonna be a fun tour with Babybaby Explores, Flying Luttenbachers, Squid Pisser⚡️⚡️
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!! ^o^

2024/01/02 update :

Hi everyone,
We hope you're doing well. We just wanted to let you know that we're okay after the recent earthquake in Japan. We got many emails and messages, and we really appreciate your concern.

In Tokyo, the shaking wasn't super strong this time, but it lasted much longer than usual. It felt different like it might have come from a big earthquake far away. We found it really was after checking the TV news.

Anyway, we both are okay and safe here!!
Take care,

Yako / Agata

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