2020/12/30 update :

A new video has been updated on MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel.
Check out!! ^o^

MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

2020/12/25 update :

Happy Holidays! 🎉
from MELT-BANANA! 🎄🥂


👉We recorded a "What a Wonderful World" cover song for INU & NEKO tier. 🍬🍬👀
Download is until the end of January 2021, so check it out too.

MxBx Patreon page

2020/12/10 update :

Our shows in Russia🇷🇺 planned for this Friday and Saturday were rescheduled to December next year!
Check out and don't miss it! ^o^

New dates:
10.Dec.2021 RUS-Moscow, Aglomerat
11.Dec.2021 RUS-St.Petersburg, MOD

For more info -> Madstream Booking

2020/11/24 update :

MELT-BANANA cover version of The Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells) is available for download on MxBx Patreon.
It is till the end of November.

Check out and don't miss it! ^o^

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/11/20 update :

We uploaded a song "Pain in Ash" on our Youtube channel.
This song is on Split 7inch EP with Young Widows which was released in August 2009.
Enjoy! ^o^

Also, we posted a story related to this EP as "Behind: Split 7inch EP with Young Widows" on our Patreon page.
Check it out too.


-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/11/06 update :

We took part in a compilation "Baba Yaga's Hut Compilation 2020", which was released by Baba Yaga's Hut, concert promoter based in London. There are 46 tracks in this compilation.

This compilation will be on sale for one month from Nov 6th to Dec 5th. Pick it up while you can!
Check out about this compilation from here on Bandcamp!!

2020/10/30 update :

Happy Halloween!

We uploaded Halloween video on our youtube channel!
We covered The Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells) for Halloween this year.

Also, new posts on MELT-BANANA Patreon page,including the download of the full version of this cover (for Inu tier and Neco tier)
Check out!!

-- notice!: It is available on our Patreon, only till the end of November 2020. --

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/10/23 update :

MELT-BANANA 6inch EP "666" has been uploaded on our youtube channel!
It is the 19th single released in Oct.2002, which contains 3 songs.
Check out!! ^o^

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/10/04 update :

A new posts on MxBx Pateron page. ^o^
We put another ringtone by AGATA.
You can notice your phone ringing very well even when it is in your backpack.


2020/09/24 update :

A new video on MxBx Youtube Channel!
We were always hoping to have a long version of the ending part of "Charlie", and we made one with a video.
Pretty relaxing!
Hope you enjoy!

Also, you can listen to an alternate ending of “Charlie” on our Patreon page, if anyone is interested.

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/09/19 update :

Now MELT-BANANA 3rd album "Charlie" is on our Youtube Channel as a full album version! Also we posted a small story about the album on Patreon. Check out!

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/09/05 update :

Our 13th single EP "DEAD SPEX" has been uploaded on MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel.
Also, a small story related to "DEAD SPEX" single has been posted on our Patreon page.
Check it out too. ^o^


-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2020/08/27 update :

Hello, everyone!_
Sorry that we have not update for a while...
It is almost the end of August, and we hope it will be cooler soon. Summer is too hot these years!
Anyway, so far, we uploaded some videos on your Youtube Channel. We started uploading our albums with full version. Now only "Fetch" full version is on the youtube page, and we are going to update more albums everntually.

Also, we posted several articles and photos on our Patreon page. Some of them are Patreon exclusive posts. If you are interested, check it out too. ^o^


-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

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-> MELT-BANANA Facebook

-> MELT-BANANA Twitter

2020/07/17 update :

New post on the MxBx Patreon page!
It is a small interview with Agata by Yako about pedals.
Check out!!

MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2020/07/10 update :

New video has been uploaded on MxBx Youtube Channel!
Video title is "Memory of One day", soundtrack title is "Daylight Memory".
Check out and Enjoy!! ^o^

2020/07/04 update :

New post on Patreon!
Check out!! ^o^

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2020/06/16 update :

MELT-BANANA Split 10inch EP with CHUNG has been uploaded on MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel.
Some Behind Stories of this EP are posted on our Patreon page, too.
Check out!! ^o^

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel!!
-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2020/06/27 update :

We uploaded our 1st 7inch EP "HEDGEHOG" released in 1994 on MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel as a playlist!

Songs on this EP are included in our single compilation album "13 Hedgehogs" and they are already on youtube, but
we thought it will be nice to have playlists of singles to see what singles had been released.
We are going to put more playlists of singles eventually.

Check out more at MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel!!

2020/06/03 update :

We started a PATREON!
Please visit our page

-> MxBx Patreon page

and Check it out!! ^o^


2020/05/27 update :

We are very sad to announce that our "Flip Flop US Tour 2020" has been canceled due to Covid-19....
Also other plans in 2020 will seem to be canceled.
We still need to reschedule our plans.
We hope the situation will be fine and we will be able to play shows and tour again!

2020/03/31 update :


The event on April 10th has been canceled.
For more information, please contact Shinjuku LOFT.

【4月10日 (金曜日) 新宿LOFT PRESENTS『ええじゃないか歌舞伎町スペシャル』開催中止のお知らせ】


Shinjuku LOFT

For more information -> Shinjuku LOFT

2020/03/03 update :

MELT-BANANA next show will be in April, in Shinjuku Tokyo.

『ええじゃないか歌舞伎町スペシャル』at Shinjuku LOFT (Tokyo, JAPAN)

OPEN ‪17:30‬ / ‪START 18:00‬ / CLOSE ‪5:00‬

No Buses
‪ 999999999‬

For more information -> MxBx Live Schedule page

2020/03/03 update :


2020/01/23 update :


MELT-BANANA is touring in USA. It will be 10 shows tour from May 30th to June 12th.

-Tour dates-

May 30th Sacramento, CA at Harlow's
Jun 01st Salt Lake City, UT at Urban Lounge
Jun 02nd Denver, CO at Larimer Lounge
Jun 04th Kansas CIty, MO at Record Bar
Jun 05th Oklahoma City, OKat 89th St. Collective
Jun 07th Austin, TX at Oblivion Access
Jun 09th Phoenix, AZ at Valley Bar
Jun 10th Santa Ana, CA at Consteillation Room
Jun 11th Los Angeles, CA at Zebulon
Jun 12th San Jose, CA at Ritz

It's been a while since we toured in USA last time, so we are very happy to tour in USA again and very excited.
For more information, check out our tour page.
See you soon!! ^o^

2020/01/14 update :

MELT-BANANA is coming to USA in June!
We take part in Oblivion Access Festival in Austin, TX.
Very excited! ^o^

Oblivion Access Website: oblivionaccessfestival.com

2020/01/04 update :

All the best wishes in 2020! ^o^/

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