- Compilation Albums -

"Mi Caballito Chulo...! Como Lo Quie Ro..."
(1994/08 on Los Apson Records, Japan)

"Lo-Fi:Electric Acoustic & Radical"
(1995/04 on meldac, Japan)

"Maboroshi no Sekai Samplers"
(1995/05 on Maboroshi no Sekai, Japan)

"Tribute to New Wave" (compilation for a magazine Megabank)
(1995/07 on Megabank, Japan)

"Miracle of Levitation"
(1995/11 on Gentle Giant Records, USA)

"Cataclastic Fracture (a noise collection)"
(1995 on Deadline Records, USA)

(1995 on Human Wrecords, Germany)

"Banafide Gas" (compilation for a magazine Bananafish #10)
(1995 on Bananafish, USA)

"JapanKore Omnibus vol.2 Hardcore Mess"
(1995 on Japankore Label, USA)

"Kiling Ha Muerto...Cuantas Veces?"
(1995 on Climax, France)

"Compilation for CMJ Magazine #30/1996/02"
(1996/02 on CMJ Magazine, USA)

"Balls to the Wall Magenta"
(1996/11 on dohb discs, Japan)

"The Christmas Album"
(1996/11 on Sony Records, Japan)

"31 bands Trash 31 Songs to find the way to Sesame Street"
(1996 on CR Japan, Japan+Bun Length,etc.,USA)

"Japanese Homegrown vol.2
(1996 on Gianormous Records, Japan)

"GrEat BluE ThinG"
(1996 on o'great BluE thing, USA)

"Pachinko Hitler"
(1996 on Beast777 Lucky Parlor Group, Japan)

"Land of The Rising Noise vol.2"
(1997 on Charnel Music, USA)

"Tokyo Invasion! volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters"
(1997 on Virgin, USA)

"Smiling Pets"
(1998/02 on Sony Records, Japan)

(1998/03 on Slap A Ham Records, USA)

"Liverache - Tales from the Livers Edge"
(1998/06 on Very Small Records)

"CD BROS Vol.0"
(1998/08 on Teichiku Records)

"Musique non Stop - A Tribute to Kraftwerk"
(1998/09 on Toshiba EMI, Japan)

"ORGY of Noise - Plague"
(1998 on orgyofnoise.com USA)

"Camp Skin Graft (!) Now Wave [Compilation] Vol. 1-3"
(1998 on Skin Graft Records, USA)

(1999/04 on Dephine Knormal Musik, USA)

"Erase yer Head #9"
(1999/10 on Pandemonium Records, France)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "La Foresta Della Morte"
(1999/11 on ToYo Records, USA)

"Hallucinogenic Hypnovision"
(1999 on An Inner Psyche Production, UK)

"Barbaric Thrash Detonation"
(2000/07 on 625, USA)

"direct V.A. compilation vol.01"
(2000/07 on direct, JAPAN)

"Skate All Day Drink All Night 2"
(2000 on GROUPSOUNDS, Japan)

(2000 on Empty Chairs, Italy)

"A Box full of Ghosts"
(2001/05 on Gentle Giant Records, USA)

"Random Slice of Life from Ft Thunder-some bands who played at"
(2001/10 on Contact Records, USA)

(2002/10 on Little Mafia Records, USA)

"College Chart Japan/STYLUS#4"
(2002 on College Chart Japan, JAPAN)

"Counter Culture 2002"
(2003/01 on Rough Trade Records, UK)

(2003/01 on musicmine, JAPAN)

“Dynamite With Laserbeam: Queen as Heard"
(2003 on 31G, USA)

Chrome Hearts Magazine vol.5 CD
(2004/08 on Chrome Hearts Records, Japan/USA)

(2004/09 on THE CD Goat Sucker Records, Japan/Mexico)

(2005 on hydra Head Records, USA)

"Release the Bats The Birthday Party as heard through the meat grinder of threeoneg"
(2006/04 on threeoneg, USA)

"Doggy Style: The Dogs Tribute" Compilation"
(2007 on Future Now Records, USA)

"MURDER CHANNEL Compilation"
(2008 on Murder Channel, Japan)

"Very Various Artists"
(2010/09 on Alpha Cut Records, GERMANY)

"4 Dimension Music Therapy - Tribute to Garorinz"
(2010/12/19 on Less Than TV, Japan)

Ninja Slayer Compilation 「忍」
(2015/07/22 on KING Records, Japan)

(2016/12/21 on Adult Swim, USA)

(2017/08/16 on Call And Response Records)

- Collaboration -

"Chipfarm" (Collaboration:Melt-Banana+Elliott Sharp+Zeena Parkins+Optical 8)
(1996 on God Mountain, Japan)

"Orgy of Noise" (Bill T. Miller+Melt-Banana)
(1998 on ExtraTerrestrial Discs, USA)

"Boston Underbelly; A Compilation of Music from the City of Revolution"
(1998/06 on Sublingual Records, USA)

- Remix -

TRICKBEAT "Musik Wird Uberflussig-the freemixes"
(1999 on Human Wrecords, Germany)

"Orgy of Noise" (Bill T. Miller+Melt-Banana)
(2002/10 on Someoddpilot Records, USA)

SALVO BETA "Evil Against Evil in a dark alleyway, Salvo Beta was held down and remixed"
(2002/10 on Someoddpilot Records, USA)

ALL LEATHER "When I Grow Up, I Wanna F*ck Like A Remix
(2010/08 on Dim Mak Records, USA)

TERA MELOS " Zoo Weather"
(2011/02 on Sargent House, USA)


Compilation Video "The Miracle of Recreation - Video"
(1997 on Gentle Giant Records, USA)

Compilation DVD "日本のロック名鑑 vol.3"
(2004/12 on indies issue/for-side/media factory)

Compilation DVD "十代暴動ナイトDVD"

Compilation DVD "Chrome Hearts Magazine" Series2 vol.2
(2010/07 on Chrome Hearts, USA)

- SOLO Project -

(2004 on TZADIK, USA)