2021/12/25 update :

A new version of "Zero" is now available on the MELT-BANANA Patreon.
It is called "Zero (8+8=16 version)".
It's available for download till the end of January 2022.
Dont' miss it! ^o^

MxBx Patreon page

2021/12/24 update :

Happy Holidays! ^o^

2021/12/15 update :

MELT-BANANA Ringtone #8

A New MELT-BANANA Ringtone is available on Patreon now.
It is called “MxBx08 Tima Formosa”.

Check it out!!

MELT-BANANA Patreon Posts list

2021/11/25 update :


We are happy to announce that MELT-BANANA is touring in the UK in 2022!
More information is HERE.

We are looking forward to visiting UK again and seeing you all there!

For the tour information -> Dictionary Pudding

2021/11/23 update :

MELT-BANANA shows in Russia 2021 cancelled

It is a pity to announce that MELT-BANANA show in Moscow on December 10th 2021 and a show in St.Petersburg on December 11th 2021 have been canceled due to the continued uncertain situation in Russia.
It was not an easy decision for us to cancel the shows, but postponing the shows once again was difficult because of our schedule in 2022...

We hope to visit Russia and play shows there in the near future.

*For questions about refunds please contact your place of purchase.

2021/11/19 update :


We take part in Oblivion Access Festival 2022!
It's held in Austin TX on May 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th 2022.
Well play on Saturday, May 14th at Empire.

Tickets are available at OBLIVION Website.

2021/11/16 update :

"Release the Bats" compilation repressing

Three One G is doing a repress of the "Release The Bats." It's The Birthday Party tribute compilation. We heard the vinyl version has been out of print for several years.
It is now available for pre-order here, with a release date of March 23rd, 2022.

2021/10/31 update :

Happy Halloween!

2021/10/28 update :

"YOU BUGGIN'" by Big D and the Kids Table feat. Melt-Banana - Official Video on Youtube now!

Big D and the Kids Table's new album "DO YOUR ART" is out now.
MELT-BANANA joined in on one of the songs "You Buggin'".
The official music video of "You buggin'" is published now on Youtube!
Check it out!

Also, check out their new album HERE!!

2021/10/11 update :


2021/11/28(sun)at Namba BEARS


(advance: ¥3,000 / day: ¥3,500 / students: ¥1,500)

tickets -> Namba BEARS or email: info@namba-bears.main.jp

For more information -> Namba BEARS website

2021/09/27 update :

MELT-BANANA plays a show in Tokyo on October 25th 2021.
It'S been a while to play a live show, and we are happy.

Shinjuku LOFT presents:
at Shinjuku LOFT (Tokyo, JAPAN)
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
【出演】 Melt-Banana, GANZ HASE, 春ねむり

Ticket link

for more information: Shinjuku LOFT
MxBx Live Schedule page

2021/09/19 update :

"MELT-BANANA Poster Collection vol.3" has been uploaded on MxBx Youtube channel!
It is fun to watch A variety of designs of posters.

Check out!

MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

2021/08/26 update :

Manchester Punk Festival 2022

MELT-BANANA takes part in Manchester Punk Festival 2022.
It is on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of April in Manchester in the UK.

The tickets are available at:

2021/08/14 update :

MELT-BANANA covered "Hitting the Wall", originally written by COWS!
It is available only on Melt-Banana Patreon page. (for tier INU and tier NEKO)
It is for a limited time only, till Ocboter 31st 2021.
Don't miss it!!!!

MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2021/07/11 update :

Our headling show was added to our US tour in 2022
It's on Feb 15th, 2022 at Strummer's in Fresno, California, USA.
It's an All ages show. ✨

event information page

ticket link

-> IGORRR / MELT-BANANA / VOWWS - North America Tour 2022

2021/06/24 update :

MELT-BANANA new track has been uploaded on MxBx Patreon page for INU tier and NEKO tier!
Check out!! ^o^

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon

2021/06/15 update :

We're touring the U.S. in February and March 2022!
We will support Igorrr from France. Vowws will be with us, too. It'll be a fun tour!
More information, please check out the tour page!

2021/04/25 update :

MELT-BANANA's new song "Red Apple Blue Apple" is available on MxBx Patreon (for teir INU and NEKO) till the end of April, about one week left. This song is exclusive for Patreon.
Don't miss it!!

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2021/04/25 update :

MELT-BANANA split 7inch EP with the LOCUST released on GSL in 2002 is now on MxBx Youtube Channel!
A story about the LOCUST related with the EP is posted on our Patreon too.📖🖋
Check out!! 🤩🎶

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2021/04/04 update :

MELT-BANANA early EP "eleventh" released on Slap A Ham Records in 1997 is now on MxBx Youtube Channel!
A small story about the EP is posted on our Patreon too.📖🖋
Check out!! 🤩🎶

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2021/03/06 update :

MELT-BANANA new song "Red Apple, Blue Apple" is now available at
MELT-BANANA Patreon page. (tier INU and tier NEKO).
It is a Patreon exclusive track for now, and downloadable till April 30th, 2021.
Don't miss it!!! ^o^

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2021/03/05 update :

MELT-BANANA new video has been uposted on MxBx Youtube Channel.

It is a cover of "Faint Heart", which is a song by Boys Next Door.
This track is contained in the compilation album "Release the Bats" released on Three One G.
For more information, check out their page!! ^o^ --> Three One G

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

2021/02/05 update :

"MELT-BANANA Poster Collection 02" video is now on MELT-BANANA youtube channel!
Check out!!

The soundtrack of the video is available on MELT-BANANA Patreon!! (Inu & Neko tire)

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

2021/01/09 update :

"What a Wonderful World" cover by MELT-BANANA is available
on MELT-BANANA Patreon!! (Inu & Neko tire)

It is only downloadable till the end of January 2021, so
Don't miss it!!! ^o^/

-> MELT-BANANA Patreon page

-> MELT-BANANA Youtube Channel

2021/01/02 update :


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